The Lenbrook Group owns three specialty brands. All three are part of the specialty home entertainment and home automation systems "niche" within the consumer electronics industry. These brands, PSB Loudspeakers, NAD Electronics and Aegis Home Management Solutions are synergistic in position, product development and routes to market. They are developed and marketed by Lenbrook on a world-wide basis.

In markets outside of Canada, the U.S.A. and the U.K., Lenbrook sells these brands through independent national distribution organizations located in over 60 countries. These distribution partners in turn resell these products through networks of specialized retailers of home entertainment products.

NAD Electronics International

NAD Electronics is one of the world's most famous brands of specialty home audio and home theater electronics. It has an unmatched reputation for producing products which form the "heart" of discerning music lovers systems. Its success is earned from over 30 years of consistent rave reviews from the world's critical audio press.

NAD's secret is its unwavering dedication to its stated design philosophy and position. It designs and manufactures products which focus on performance, value and simplicity. NAD's product categories, which have all received substantial critical acclaim, include the Home Theater Series, the Silver Series (high end audio), the value oriented Classic Series, and a new category of "Life Design" products. In common across all these product categories is NAD's simple to operate, "music first" philosophy of product design.

One of NAD's major strengths is its relationship with its worldwide distributors which market the NAD brand in over 50 countries. These distributor partners are amongst the finest independent organizations in the geographic markets in which they participate. The NAD philosophy includes the role of our distribution organization in the development of our product range. We depend on the specific market feedback direct from these partners. Our design and engineering cells located all around the world are expert at turning this feedback into value oriented, high performance products which proud NAD product owners all around the world tell their friends about!

PSB Speakers International

PSB loudspeakers have earned an international reputation as one of the most accurate, natural, and balanced reproducers of musical sound you can buy. From their headquarters in Pickering, Canada, PSB designs, develops, manufacturers and markets speakers for the worldwide market. They meet and exceed international standards in quality and design. We are proud of the recognition PSB Speakers has received.

The speaker designer and founder of PSB speakers is Paul Barton - known worldwide as "the Dean of Canadian loudspeaker designers." In every one our speaker designs the goal is simple; to deliver the best performance at a price that music lovers everywhere can afford." 

PSB Speaker development is undertaken in our own labs as well those at the National Research Council in Ottawa. We are focused on products for home theatre systems, audiophile music system, architectural and in-wall design, outdoor/life style packages and upgrade computer multimedia systems. 

PSB public relations and advertising efforts focus on the message of "true value and superior design". High visibility in numerous audio and video magazines and active participation in trade shows across North America demonstrate support of our international distributors and particularly the growing number of North American dealers.

There are three solid reasons for the tremendous success of PSB speakers - a well thought out business plan, insightful product development and quality craftsmanship. However, the real test of quality is in the eyes of the customer.

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